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Ministry News: St Catherine Children Ministry Leaders Meet this Sunday; Kids to be Trained at Lay Preacher Institute 2014

Hi everyone,

I have not posted these past two weekends. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. I’ll have lots to share with you in an upcoming post. Look for it.

The aim of my post today is to share a bit of news that children ministry leaders need to know. It pertains to two important upcoming events that you need to schedule time for.

The first one is this Sunday. Yep. Late notice from me but those of you who get the weekly Communication Advisory email sent out by the Conference should be already aware of these events.

Those who haven’t heard of them, here goes.


Parish Meeting for Children Ministry Leaders Tomorrow

Clear your calendar for this Sunday. You and your 2015 Children Ministry leader elects should be heading to 58 Brunswick Ave., that’s the Central Jamaica Conference offices, for an important Children’s Ministry meeting with the Conference Women, Children and Adolescent Ministries Director, Claudia Bailey. Time: 2:00 p.m.

How important is this meeting? Super important. Cook the rice and peas early. Be there. It’s especially important for incoming leaders who will be serving next year. Come and hear about the Department’s plans and direction for children ministries in 2015. Come and meet the Directorate and network with other leaders in the parish, ask questions and share your concerns and needs.

See you there.

Other Parish Meetings

Here are meeting dates and times for other parishes:

Manchester – December 7 (Sunday)

Venue: Mandeville SDA Board Room   Time: 2: 00 p.m

Clarendon – December 14 (Sunday)

Venue: May Pen SDA   Time: 2:00 p.m


Another eloquent child presenter, Jonathan Williams who delivered the message of God's faithfulness after Abraham stretched out his hand to sacrifice his only son Isaac.

Child presenter, eight-year old Jonathan Williams  delivering the message of God’s faithfulness after Abraham stretched out his hand to sacrifice his only son Isaac at the recent Children’s Sabbath  at Hellshire SDA Church, St Catherine.


Children to Participate in  Lay Preachers Institute and Camp  Meeting  this  December

Yes, you read right. This year the talented kids who are your church’s resident preachers will for the first time have an opportunity to be trained for ministry at Lay Preachers Institute and Camp Meeting. The CJC/ Children Ministries Department initiative will allow children in the 9-14 age group who have demonstrated a penchant and have the potential for lay evangelism  to participate in the three-day event scheduled for December 17 to 20 at Camp Verley, St Catherine. Lay Preachers Institute has traditionally been used for training adults and youth.

Select your representatives, get them  approved by your church Board, and plan to join other ministries and families on Sabbath to hear three child preachers present sermons in the Divine Hour. Your representative may just one of those breaking bread to the congregation.

14 year old Najay Tomlinson, our main presenter for Divine Hour illustrates the instruction that dominates many of faith experiences of our Bible heroes. Moses, Abraham, Peter, King Xerxes, they each 'stretched out' their hands.

14 year old Najay Tomlinson,illustrates a point at the recent Children’s Day at Hellshire SDA Church.  Lay Preachers Institute in collaboration with CJC’s Women and Children’s Ministry Department will train kids between the ages of 9-14 in preaching and Bible Study ministry this December from 17-20 at Camp Verley.

To give you a peek at the Conference itinerary, Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening. The first training session for the little lay preachers begins at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning with a 45-minute instructional presentation on how to conduct simple bible study and prepare simple sermons. Children will be grouped into three groups (ages 9-12; 11-12, and 13-14) for training activities.

After a break, the children will be coached in voice and elocution skills.

There will be one session,  a group practicum, on Friday afternoon. On Sabbath, we’ll see the children presenting lesson dramatizations in Sabbath School. The real test will be Divine Hour where three sermons are slotted into the worship programme. Three children, each representing a different age group, will present a sermon.

The afternoon’s programme will see the kids going on a Nature Walk and Prayer Trail and then it’s a wrap on Lay Preacher Institute 2014 with a difference.

According to this weekend’s Conference Communication advisory, the camp fee for children is $1500.00. Camp forms can be downloaded from the conference website under the Weekly Advisory. Submission deadline for camp forms is December 8.

Each church is allowed to send five delegates including one youth. However, the Conference advisory did not state a number limit for children delegates per church. I’ll get that information and update the post by tomorrow.

Children ministry leaders and elders are also expected to be in attendance.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hug your children. Tell them how special they are.


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