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Ministry Mondays: Cost of My Praise


When no one may understand your praise,

Praise Him still

No one knows why you shout Hallelujah,

Praise Him still

No one may understand why you can’t give Him less than 100 per cent in your ministry,

Praise Him still

No one may consider all you do

Because of

All you have been saved from

The tears behind your smiling face

The losses you have endured

Soul violations you’ve overcome

Final clicks of goodbye doors, abandoned by those you’ve loved

The smithereens that’s left of a heart broken after years of loving those who left


No one may understand you and why you love Him with such abandon

And how much you’ve fallen in love with Him

Why all the most expensive perfumes in all the world could never be enough

To repay for He who saved you

From dark nights of despair

and desolate days passed out in shame

hem of garment

No one may understand

Your walk of shame

Through an unsympathetic crowd

When you heard He was in town

How much it meant to you to get just ONE TOUCH

touch me

No one understands how you blindly stumbled towards the Voice

That was pouring life back into your life-dehydrated veins

How His unstained sweat seeping into your nostrils unclogged your decade- suffocated joy

It’s irresistible pull on your battered body forward,

How the crowd mysteriously carried you on its painful, rough-elbowed  wave

Towards the only Man who would love you and save you

Still on and on and on you lunged hungrily towards the divinity in those robes

No one understands  the stigma-freeing Mercy and Compassion you saw in His eyes

The Salvation you received that day

When you touched His Holiness and you suddenly parted company with Winter

How because of His grace

You finally won the race

help me

Maybe, only He understands that

Your alabaster was the only way you could repay that day

Your ministry is the only way you could continue to tribute his love long after He left


So when others judge and ask suspiciously

Why you are so exuberant in your Praise

Why you get so loud and uncontained

Why you worship and minister as though there’s Nothing else

Why you have to give all; why you can’t reserve just a little

Let them know in the ministry you do to lost souls who were once like you

Let them know they never understood 6000 years ago that it was gratefulness in that alabaster bottle

That the perceived expensive perfume was tainted currency, traded in for pardon for your sin

And a peace that has endured


When no one may understand the greatness of your faithfulness

Praise Him still.

Cureen Peart from the Chester Seventh-day Adventist Church, serves students at the Chester Primary School during the breakfast-feeding programme

Cureen Peart from the Chester Seventh-day Adventist Church, serves students at the Chester Primary School during the breakfast-feeding programme

Listen to this timeless story told in song by CeCe Winans and be blessed today.

Poem by Karen G. Taylor Bennett

Copyright 2014 Karen Taylor Ministries and Kids Who Love the Lord. All rights reserved.


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4 thoughts on “Ministry Mondays: Cost of My Praise

  1. You’re welcome…I have shared the link to this piece with a woman that has inspired me to keep going …even through the hurt that I had….as this song and your piece reminds me to do… 🙂 GBU


    Posted by suthrngirlsings51 | December 3, 2014, 5:03 pm
  2. My absolute favorite song at this time of year and one I have been practicing for weeks. When I let go as I’m singing and listen to the words as I’m singling them – something stirs and finishing those last couple of stanzas my soul is full on fire with ‘you don’t understand my praise’ – “you weren’t there when he found me” – I felt every word of your post. I believe I may have lived every word…


    Posted by suthrngirlsings51 | December 1, 2014, 7:23 pm

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