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Scholastic Sundays

Scholastic Sundays Resource: Scholarly Help for Parents from Award-winning NBC News website


Welcome to my much touted themed posts which I promised in my press release early in February would begin today under the Scholastic Sundays banner. Except that, it’s dropping in your inbox a little later than planned.  My schedule went haywire it seems. Please forgive moi.

Children Ministry requires taking care of not only the spiritual, but the physical, social, emotional and mental needs of the child. Hence, my aim with these posts is to provide parents with academic guidance and support so they can empower their children and be more effective parents.

Additionally, to inspire scholastic excellence, every first Sunday I’ll profile a child who has made an academic or Bible scholastic achievement. Hopefully, this will inspire other children and parents to aspire for the same benchmark.

Being involved in your child’s school life is an obligation that I encourage all parents to meet if you want your child to thrive academically and spiritually. And that goes for church school as well. (The Bible speaks of those who study to show themselves approved unto God.) Scholastic Sundays will primarily be roundup posts sharing resources the average parent can use to help their children in their homework and study.

Scholar’s foundation

How does a parent create a secure foundation for his child’s scholastic aspirations? In many ways, from ensuring they have a hearty breakfast before they rush out to catch the school bus, enquiring whether they have homework when they get home, checking work daily or weekly to see what he or she  is doing, assisting with homework to attending parent-teacher meetings and conferences.

It’s a time investment. You don’t want to miss these crucial years, they go so fast.

Last week I shared with you the Remind text messaging application that teachers can use in the classroom to reach out to and connect with their students and their parents, and vice versa. I hope you have signed up and encouraged your child’s teacher to take advantage of this wonderful tool that can be used to keep you in the loop about school matters relating to your child. What is key here is that schools and parents recognise the value of each other’s role in supporting children’s academic success and use all the available tools to make that connection.

Parenttoolkit.com — Comprehensive Support and Guidance for Parents

Today, in our first ever Scholastic Sundays series, I have found an even more wonderful resource that you’re going to throw kisses at me for (*catching kisses* haha). Produced by NBC News Education Nation, it’s a parent’s treasure trove of useful resources. A comprehensive and thorough resource, it provides pertinent guidance to parents about the growth, health, wellness and social and emotional well-being  of their children in the classroom and beyond. I particularly like the growth chart feature which allows parents to access age-and-grade-level appropriate information.

Inside your child’s classroom and beyond

These are set out in tiles organised by grade. Is your child in Pre-K or Grade 3? Just hover over the tile and you can find information on academic benchmarks for Math and English, parent-teacher conference guides  and tips to help you understand your child’s classroom experience better. So, say I wanted to learn what is making my daughter who is in Grade 10 stay so long in the bathroom these days, I click on Tips and Guides which will lead me to an article citing what experts have to say about her growth phase (and fixation with her beauty).

You can also wade through graded Math and English resources from top learning websites such as Khan Academy, Share My Lesson, Learn Zillion or Sesame Street all aligned to the curriculum for each grade level and just a click and a scroll away. If you live in America, you’ll no doubt find the national and state- by-state school resources a god send.

Open the page and click on any of the arrows beside the topics at the top describing the types of resources in the toolkit, namely Growth charts, Tips and Guide, Additional resources. Choose ‘Academic’ if academic help and support is what you are seeking or any of the three other topics.

By all intents and purposes, Parent Toolkit was written with an American audience in mind, so you’ll encounter jargon related to the American school system like Common core standards, but there is plenty of generic information especially on the learning web pages that I mentioned earlier; plus numerous family and parent resources and a blog with well-written articles that answers universal questions and offers advice any parent can relate to whether you live in Australia or India.

Easy to use

The site is beautifully laid out, and has an easy, usable interface, justifying well why it walked away with a Webby Award in the Family/Parenting category last year.

Bookmark it so you can find it the next time your child stumps you with one of those Math or ‘why’ questions or when there is no rhyme nor reason to your teen’s seasonal behaviour shifts.

Share the learning videos and lessons with your child while you work with him or her.

With this resource, Sunday evening and Homework time should become less a chore.

 Rate this resource or share one that you’ve found most effective in helping your child with his/her scho0l work. Leave your comment in the Comment box below.


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