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Children in Ministry

Children Served the Lord With Gladness at Newland at Children’s Sabbath

I had a wonderful time over there at Newland SDA yesterday with the bright and marvellous children. It was Children’s Emphasis Day and I can tell you the talent of the Newland children simply blew me away. I was invited by Sis Merlene Stanley Brown the Children Ministries leader. The kids had a wonderful Sabbath School programme led by young but o-so-composed superintendents, Lamar Murray and Lashea Beaton. The theme for the day was Seeds of the Heart: Growing Habits to Honour Jesus. Through drama, music and poetry the children entreated the congregation to train spiritual habits so that they may grow in godliness.

All the children did exceptionally well. They were in charge and the folks at Newland enjoyed letting them.  But I must single out a few kids, like three speakers in the Divine service hour namely, Jevaughn Wallace.  Jevaughn was the opening speaker and boy oh boy, did he set the place ablaze? This tiny 11 year old transformed before our eyes into a powerhouse, elocuting and dividing the word with the style and conviction of a seasoned preacher, interpreting the message for us with layers of drama. Young Wallace declared that moms expect their babies to grow, yet many Christians are still spiritual babies. His final words were delivered as a challenge to the church, ‘I don’t want to be a spiritual baby no more, do you?’

Abigale Jackson and Krisanne Ennis were the calm after the storm. Both girls presented the second and final sermonettes. Abigail continuing the growth theme with her lectionary on transformation. Using the analogy of butterfly, she showed how God can transform us from bad to good, from ugly to beautiful. Krisanne wrapped up the morning’s message by elaborating on the spiritual habits kids and adults should cultivate.

I ended up staying for the evening session, and was so blessed by the children who sang and recited bible verses and poetry. I was so impressed by the cradle rolls choir who sang with such gusto and a three year old Bible maverick, a little girl who recited the entire Alphabet in scripture from memory in a clear and forthright manner. I was so totally blessed and impacted by the powerful ministry of our children.

Commendations to Sis Brown and the Newland Children Sabbath School teachers , Children Ministry team and parents who trained and prepared the kids so well so little resources, and to the beautiful children of Newland who executed the day so well and brought so much cheer. Auntie Karen is real proud of you.

Hi to my little 9 year old friend with the sparkly voice, Geiselle Sappleton and 96 year old friend, Evelyn Boodal who sang me a little ditto, ‘You must build on the rock’ through lunch and told me, “have you lunch, ‘me love yuh, you hear?

Two images of  the child state– one a growing seeds, the other a mature tree, both serving the Lord with unbridled gladness and childlike honesty.

Is it any wonder Jesus wants heaven to be full of these little ones leading out. When children praise the Lord, they do it with such gladness. If we could only take a page from them.


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