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10 Worship Songs Kids Sang in the 80’s and 90’s: Can you Recall these Popular Choruses? (QUIZ)





Singing was one of my favourite things to do in church way back in the 80s as a child. I looked forward to Sabbath school and A. Y. Service when we would have song service as it was called back then. Then we would sing at the top of our voices, clap our hands and stomp our feet to choruses like Father Abraham, and If you’re happy and you know it, say Amen.

Yes. Song service was a joyful time and it was even more joyful when the organist put the drums on, stepped on the pedals and played until everyone was moving and shouting and swaying in that country church of my childhood.

Music still plays a vital role in children ministry today, and should never be omitted from your worship services.

New choruses have been added to the song repertoire at many Sabbath Schools around the world, but surprisingly, many of these 80s choruses have survived and can be heard carried by children’s voices in churches each weekend.

These vintage songs are still melodic and exciting for children to learn.

Try teaching them to your own children, or the children who attend your Sabbath or Sunday school or other children ministry programme.

Song Quiz

So, how is all that related to today’s post?

Today’s post has a different format that will encourage you to participate.

I have added a dash of fun and challenge and made you a Song Quiz.

To jog your memory, I’ve curated 10  popular vintage children choruses from the 80’s and 90’s era. I’m writing from the Jamaican culture perspective, but these songs are ethnically diverse and many of them should be familiar to you too if you’re reading this from another country.


Here’s what you have to do.

Guess the name of each chorus based on the one-liners I’ve extracted from each song. 

children singing

Sounds like fun? Here we go.

1. . . . As we go sailing home.


2.  . . . 7 times without a stop, 7 times without a stop.


3. . . .  And you’ll grow, grow, grow.


4. . . . I want to know if you love my Jesus.


5.  . . . . For there’s a father up above, looking down in tender love.


6.  . . .  Someone praying Lord, Coombayah.


7. . . . For the king is in residence there.


8. . . . He’s got the tiny little baby in his hands.


9.. . . I’ve got a feeling in my shoulders that is keeping me alive.


10. . . . The flowers are gently nodding.


If you enjoyed that quiz, feel free to use it for your Family Devotions or Sabbath evening Vespers, or play Song Quiz with a friend. You can add more songs to the list as you like.

Your turn

So how many of these songs did you recognise?

Share your answers in Comments. Can you recall any more popular children choruses from when you were a child? Share these as well, and tell me which one was your favourite song.


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