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15 Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Be Joyful Stewards

Hi readers, Just stopping by to let you know about my latest post. I don’t have the rights to publish the full contents here yet, but I want you to have a read at this resource guide that I am certain will inspire and educate you on the importance of teaching your kids the principles … Continue reading

10 Reasons Fridays Still Remind Me of Sabbath Preparation Day In My Mother’s House — Reflections from My Childhood

Sabbath was a tangible feeling in the air, the flambouyant hues of the tropical sky, the smouldering earthy, sweet wisps of setting potato pudding mixed with burnt coal perfumed and added expectancy and celebration to my home atmosphere. Continue reading

First Adventist-owned Children’s Home established in Jamaica

Co-founder of Educational Foundation for Children’s Care (EFCC) Inc. (an Adventist-owned and operated organization), Pastor Leon B. Wellington, announced earlier this month that the Child Development Agency (CDA) of Jamaica has finally granted the institution permission to operate a foster home for vulnerable children in Four Paths, Clarendon. Speaking in an interview with Conference Communication Director Damian Chambers … Continue reading

Children Served the Lord With Gladness at Newland at Children’s Sabbath

I had a wonderful time over there at Newland SDA yesterday with the bright and marvellous children. It was Children’s Emphasis Day and I can tell you the talent of the Newland children simply blew me away. I was invited by Sis Merlene Stanley Brown the Children Ministries leader. The kids had a wonderful Sabbath … Continue reading

NEWS: Today is the Deadline for Children’s Gospel Song Competition

Today is the last day to get entries into the 2015 Jamaica Children’s Gospel Song Competition. The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), an agency of the Ministry of Youth and Culture encourages children from schools, churches and communities and between the ages of 6 and 15 years to compete with original or cover songs in the solo, choir and ensemble categories … Continue reading

Ministry News: St Catherine Children Ministry Leaders Meet this Sunday; Kids to be Trained at Lay Preacher Institute 2014

Hi everyone, I have not posted these past two weekends. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. I’ll have lots to share with you in an upcoming post. Look for it. The aim of my post today is to share a bit of news that children ministry leaders need to know. It pertains to two important … Continue reading

Children’s Sabbath at Hellshire Church was a Blessing

After a wonderful Week of Prayer, led by various children speakers during the week of October 11 -18, we topped off the week with Children’s Sabbath, a day dedicated to children and their ministry in all aspects of the day’s worship programme. Parents and grandparents helped in coaching the children. I want to say a big … Continue reading

Stretch Out Your Shriveled Hand: A real Faith Story we can all Learn Perseverance from

Hi readers, I hope you’re having a restful and holy Sabbath with your family. Your promised Cover to Cover Part 2 post was due this weekend. However, I became ill with the Chickungunya virus that ravaged me for much of this week. Because of this, I wasn’t able to devote the quality time needed to … Continue reading

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